We do Class H septic inspections that are required in the state of Delaware in order to sell or buy a property. H Septic inspections are also required by the state and mortgage lenders. We give an unbiased septic inspection as we are not in the business of installing new septic systems like other Class H septic inspectors. We think that inspecting septic systems while being in the business of installing septic systems is a conflict of interest.

Septic Tank Inspection Delaware

All Class H inspections are done by the owner of Busy Bee, Most H inspections can be started 24-48 hours after you provided us with the owner's name, property address, and Tax Map Number. You don't need to be present during the inspection but if you want to be we also can schedule our inspections when it is convenient for you like early mornings, lunchtime, weekends, and late evenings Call, text, or email us Wastewater133@gmail also find us on Facebook Class H inspections for home buyers and home sellers 

If you need a septic design we will meet you at the property where the system is being installed. Talk to you about your different options like where you are want to put the house, well, driveway, sheds, or future plans you have for the property so we can get the septic system in the best place possible to suit your needs. We will then draw the septic system using CAD Software for a neat and clean design. We will fill out all the permits and submit them to the state for approval to make things easy on you as a property owner. Once your design is approved by DNREC we will put you in contact with several different system installers so you can choose the one that’s best for you.

Class I inspections are usually done for septic installers when they install a new Gravity Septic or replace components but there may be certain times homeowners may request a Class I inspection. If you are a Class E Septic Installer contact us for a fair and convenient Class I Septic Inspection

We Also locate septic systems. Sometimes homeowners want to upgrade their property with a pool, shed, pavers, or a driveway but are unsure exactly where their septic system is located. For a small fee, we can locate and mark the septic system so as to ensure it is not covered up or damaged during the upgrade to your property.

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